The Bly Team's Real Estate Blog: What if the house you sold caught fire?

What if the house you sold caught fire?

Sometimes life happens.  Last weekend I showed a house.  The buyers loved it and we wrote up an offer.  Over the weekend and Monday we went back and forth negotiating over the drapes in the den.  ThStation 3ese were some pretty awesome drapes.  My buyer wanted them, but then so did the seller.  Finally, on Tuesday morning the seller came down on the price of the home in order to keep the drapes.  We had a deal on Spoonbill Drive!

The city I live in has an all volunteer Fire Department and I have been a volunteer Fire Fighter with the City for 18 years.  Last Tuesday night I was at the Fire Station when we were toned out for a call on Spoonbill Drive.  As I was driving the firetruck to the call I couldn't remember the address on Spoonbill we had the contract on.  What would the odds be?

Sure enough as I turned the corner, there was the house.

To make a long story short, there was some damage.  Several windows will need to be replaced, some new siding, new paint and new wood floors, soon to be good as new.  As for those fine drapes though - well, there's not a thread left.

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Comment balloon 5 commentsDeborah Bly • February 05 2011 11:19PM


WOW Deborah!  What luck!!  Not as bad as yours, but my story when I first started in Real Estate was this: I was closing on my first house in 3 days.  That was in 1992 when New Jersey had one of it's worst Nor Easters........................needless to say, 3 days before closing the house ended up under water!

Maybe that was a sign........I should have gotten out of Real Estate???  LOL

Good Post

Posted by Sandra Nixon (EverSand Realty Group) over 8 years ago

I actually had this happen to me.  I was the listing agent I had made a deal with a FSBO to give me 30 days I knew I could sell this home 3 weeks in I was getting some showings and that Tuesday I took my office through on a tour.  The agents said that the basement smelled musty and I conveyed this to the home owners.  They plugged in a dehumidifier in the basement and went back to their home that night we had a showing at 6pm.  The next morning the agent called me and told me that I would be getting a full price offer on the property as I was speaking with her my phone was clicking that someone was on the other line I asked her if she could hold a second.  I answer the phone and it wss the nwighbors on the other line telling me the fire department was at the home as the home just burned down. 

I got back on the line with the other agent and told her and she started sobbing she said that she had been showing these people homes for two years and this was the first one that they wanted to write an offer on. So yes I feel your pain.

By the way they found out it was the new dehumidifier that they had plugged in the basement that burned it down.

Posted by Valarie Kubacki, Broker Associate, CDPE - 5Star (Prime Real Estate) over 8 years ago

Sorry, I had to laugh.  Is that terrible or what?  I can't tell you how many times I've done the same thing...not the fire, but the negotiating over things like window treatments, 10 year old refrigerators, or cheap surround sound speakers.  

Posted by Tricia Hoffmann (Your Home Free) over 8 years ago

Sandra/Valarie, Not too bad a luck really. There's a lot of dammage in the back but the buyer is still hangining in there. The house really will be better than before once they get it fixed up.

As far as getting ot of Real Estate. What other job would give you this much excitement.

Tricia, I had to laugh. I had been showing this couple for 6 months. It was the 1st hose they fell in love wiith.

Posted by Deborah Bly, RE/MAX Realtor (RE/MAX Space Center) over 8 years ago

Deborah, you do a little of everything.  We had a house burn last year....squatters broke in and started a fire to keep warm.  Needless to say, the home is still boarded up and not sold.  It was a foreclosure.

Posted by Kay Van Kampen, Realtor®, Springfield Mo Real Estate (RE/MAX Broker, RE/MAX) over 8 years ago